Mar 12 - 2024

Film Producer Adam Scorgie

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

DBS is back today with film producer, Adam Scorgie.

We wanted to talk to Adam about his new Phil Heath documentary, Breaking Olympia, which we did, but not before Mr. Scie went off about the Covid rules and regulations he had to fight for just to get this documentary finished.

It’s astonishing when you look back on how Canadians and people from around the world were stifled just to make a living.

Not compliance or total compliance in extreme situations can’t be warranted but listening to Adam talk about how we had to keep trying to get into Canada makes you wonder what government actually does for people in times of crisis.

– We talked about Dolph, Lundgren and his cancer, diagnosis and what it was like to try to shoot the “I Must Break You“ Documentary.

– Dolph’s He-Man, Masters of The Universe, power sword.

– Phil Heath documentary where it’s screening in Edmonton and where you can watch it at home.

– Why Adam continues to follow extreme athletes, and characters as subjects for his documentaries.

– Why Canada should think Adam for making legal weed possible with his documentary The Union

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