Mar 26 - 2019

Fitness Equals Freedom with Paul Plakas

About the Episode

As an expert in the fitness industry for over 25 years, Paul Plakas has seen his clients transform right before his very eyes. Whether it’s getting someone to run for the very first time, finish that marathon or put down the cookie, Paul is the motivator and tough love cheerleader of health and wellness for many. He does not mince words, so get ready for an honest account of fitness myths, real weight loss talk, and practical reasons to incorporate fitness and a healthy diet into your life.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Paul’s own relationship with being overweight and his personal experience with bullying and teasing. How Paul took control of his life and dedicated himself to getting fit and strong at a young age. The ol’ comic book that inspired Paul to pick up his first weights and get after it! Proof that you don’t start out by being perfect at working out and training, and even more proof that it’s worth sticking to. How Paul finally let go of the anger he had towards his bullies, and why the high road is much sweeter. The path that led Paul to become a personal trainer and the aspects of his job he loves most. The common obstacles people face to maintain health and fitness, and what we can do about them. Paul’s big score of getting Carrie to run a half marathon and the feelings Carrie experienced when she ran that first hour. The real truth, myths, and misconceptions about the fitness industry. Paul’s “Words to Look Out For” (long, lean, detox, energy, and many more!) and why we should be aware of false promises. More about Paul’s book, Lean, Fit & Pain Free. Bulking up when you want to lose weight and gaining weight from working out? Paul explains why. Why fat loss is so difficult in our culture. The importance of who we surround ourselves with when it comes to health and a fit body. Functionality is key when it comes to sustainable fitness! How men and women respond differently to training. Why you shouldn’t believe or get discouraged by all the “perfect” bodies you see on social media. The great mental AND physical benefits that come from getting fit. Motivation for those who want to invest in themselves, but have trouble getting started.

Quotes: “That’s one great thing about being a trainer, you learn from your clients as well.” “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.” “It’s about feeling good in yourself and having other people feel good about you.” “That’s what is cool – I know they can do it, they just don’t know it yet.” “Who you are hanging around with makes a big difference in your health and fitness.”

Mentioned: Paul Plakas Lean, Fit, & Pain Free Journey Into the Inner Circle: Carrie Doll @CarrieADoll – Twitter @carriedollconsulting – Instagram Carrie Doll – Facebook

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