Mar 20 - 2018

Gregr and the Sound of Seattle

About the Episode

Gregr is the morning show host at 107.7 The End in Seattle. Last summer at the Podcast Movement, Gregr shared the stage at Jacob’s Media’s Broadcaster meet Podcaster series. At dinner he had the deer in the headlights look. Turns out he had just became a dad for the first time days earlier. Throughout dinner we shared radio and podcast stories. I couldn’t believe he had 4 podcasts on top of a morning radio show in Seattle. Now there were other people at dinner that night and we could have gone on forever talking podcast, radio and Seattle Sounders. So I told him we would finish the conversation on this podcast. What ensues is this conversation.

Just a note that we did an episode about 107-7 the End’s #2MinutePromise and talked Millennials with the station’s program director Leslie Scott back in Episode 23. And again, in this show we will touch on the 2 minute promise and wonder why more stations don’t do it.

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