Aug 16 - 2022

Heather Novak: Living with Honesty While Always Allowing More Love

About the Episode

The question shouldn’t be, ‘Am I an alcoholic’? Instead, ask yourself, ‘Does alcohol negatively impact my life’?

For Heather Novak, the answer became very clear. She then had a desire for more clarity within. 

Giving up alcohol allowed for so much more growth & became one of the best decisions Heather has ever made. 

“I promised myself that I would have all the honest conversations I didn’t want to have with myself & others because those are the ones that matter. I decided to no longer hide my words because hiding them hide me. I decided I was no longer a slave to my fears & the opinions of others. I decided that I would live with honesty, an open heart and mind, along with the willingness to heal. Allowing always MORE LOVE.”

Trigger warning: this episode contains anecdotes of child neglect, alcoholism, and childhood trauma.

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