Dec 21 - 2023

Holidays with the Husebys

Scouting The Refs

About the Episode

It’s a pre-holiday extravaganza on the Scouting the Refs Podcast. Linesmen Chad and Cody Huseby join us to talk about their unexpected NHL debuts one year ago this week. Plus, New Jersey Devils’ Akira Schmid crosses the line, Boston Bruins’ David Pastrnak picks up five, refs get run over, the Detroit Red Wings watch the penalty clock, the Montreal Canadiens avoid losing a goal to a hand pass, and what the Frk was he doing with his skates in the air?

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The Scouting The Refs Podcast is a weekly look at the world of officiating and player safety within the National Hockey League, AHL, ECHL, and other leagues around the world. We’ll break down the calls and the rules behind them to help understand why a penalty or suspension was – or wasn’t – handed out. Todd Lewis is a veteran broadcaster covering the NHL and other major league sports. Lewis is a former host on the NHL Network and on NHL Network Radio. He’s also worked for TSN, Sportsnet as a host/anchor and is a producer of other programs. Josh Smith is the founder of Scouting the Refs, the leading independent site related to hockey officiating which follows hockey officials across the NHL, AHL, ECHL, and other leagues around the world, including news, rule changes and interpretations, suspensions, and statistics on officials and penalty calls. 

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