Big Kris
Sep 29 - 2017


About the Episode

I’ve reached a bit of a crossroads with this podcast. After a hiatus for the summer I was inspired by my pal Mark Davis over a lunch conversation where he encouraged me to rally and produce more episodes and re-invent my approach to the little project of mine. I tackle some recent news that the deceased crack-smoking former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have a new stadium or park named after him. Does the fact that he died of cancer erase his dodgy track record as a human being?

I also preview and review some new tracks and upcoming albums that I’m personally excited for this fall. The new Liam Gallagher solo record and The Glorious Sons’ new single ‘My Poor Heart’ which dropped at midnight today (Sept 29th). While discussing the back catalogue and the first major label debut that the Glorious Sons had in 2014 ‘The Union’ I got emotional and there was no real way to edit out my tears and true feelings. I’m homesick. The first full-length record from Kingston Ontario band The Glorious Sons was the soundtrack to the courtship between my fiance and I and it’s been just over a year since I packed my bags and moved away from the ‘Limestone City’ to follow my girl to the GTA. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go full Sinead O’Connor. I’m ok; but the last 2 mins of this episode are raw and real.

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