Sep 17 - 2019

If It’s Meant To Be, It’s Up To Me with Mike Lombardi

About the Episode

Mike Lombardi joins the Inner Circle this week to challenge us on how powerful the story we tell ourselves really is, and how our mindset and perseverance can mean the difference between making it in life, and sitting on the sidelines. Mike shares his story with Carrie about growing up in and out of foster homes, with only himself at times to take care of making his way through the world. He recounts how he fell in love with football, and started his professional career at the Hyatt to then go on and build a multi-million dollar company that is thriving and now helping others. Mike talks about the special love he has for his wife and two boys, and how it’s still possible to win when you are playing against all odds. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode: No matter what, Mike told himself he was going to be a success. It’s common for everyone to often think “why me” when less than desirable events happen, but it’s important to get back up and keep going. Mike’s mother had issues with alcoholism, yet Mike loves and appreciates that she did the best of what she had to offer. The unforgettable day when Mike got taken by the police out of his house to a youth center and became a ward of the state. What day to day life was like at the youth center, and how Mike managed to use his positive mind frame to get through. The beautiful role his grandma played to give him a sense of stability, and why he still chose to go live with a new foster family instead of staying with her and his sister. It took a village, but Mike found family in friends and the family of his friends. Through it all, he did so well in school and even became the captain of the football team. Mike channeled his energy and love of the game to football, and it gave him a sense of accomplishment and belonging. How Mike made the best of his situation at age 18, the age where the housing stops and young adults are now on their own for finding a place to live. How his career with Hyatt started, and how Mike worked his way all the way up to the Director of Engineering at Hyatt La Jolla. The family vote that led Mike to take the shot and open his own business, and how well it is doing much to his wife’s initial bet. His amazing wife and two boys, and why being a dad just may his favorite job yet. Mike loves providing for his children what he was unable to get as a child, but he very much supports them making their own path in life. Better yourself a little more each day, and eventually good things will happen at the right time. 

Quotes: “The most powerful story are the ones we tell ourselves.” “I feel like everyone took their turn of being family to me.” “It became a do whatever it takes mentality.” “Just try to do the best you can, and it will come back to you when you least expect it.” “If you aren’t getting the answers you are looking for, look somewhere else.” “You can’t give up. You have to fight for it.” Mentioned: Lombardi Contracting Hilton Torrey Pines 

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