Jun 1 - 2022

Is Putin Dead/Russian Sanctions & Ukrainian Resistance With Alex Dayrabekov, New Gun Laws In Canada & The Hardest Lady Cop Punch Ever

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Alex is BACK! Live from Cherkasy Ukraine, we covered:

– Rumor’s about Putin being dead and his body double taking over

– Azovstal steel plant video of rearming UA during Russia’s siege of Mariupol is insanity personified

– Wiping out thousands of years of Ukraine’s history

– what Ukraine wants in the 6th round of sanctions against Russia

– Tracking the Ukrainian resistance can be fun when you see Russian tanks losing games of hide and seek with Ukrainian artillery

Alex’s hometown of Irpin is coming along!

Pickles in a sac/pouch/bag are a thing and Lochlin had no idea. Now we are OBSESSED with Big Pickle’s attempt to crash the convenience store market and it’s bullshit.

And screw the bag. Whatever happened to jars of perishable food items on the counter at convenience stores when I was a kid?

Canada put the screws on anyone selling handguns in Canada. that’s not allowed anymore. New gun laws prohibiting the sale of Handguns and over 1500 assault-style rifles were handed down yesterday and handgun enthusiasts are pissed for some reason.

We break it down.

We also break down the hardest lady cop punch ever delivered in a Bar in Dallas Texas. BANANALAND

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