Oct 30 - 2022

Its a vacuum – no its a mop – The First Truly Hands-Free Vacuum and Mop Robot

About the Episode

iRobot’s Ryan Stocking joined us to talk about the latest innovation from the company – the Roomba Combo j7+ Combo Vacuum and Mop. So much goes into making these autonomous products and we dive into just that in this episode.

Roomba Combo j7+

  • The Only Mop That Lifts High to Keep Carpets Dry – Other 2-in-1 mops lift only a few millimeters – if at all – and, as a result, can leave wet messes on carpets or rugs. 
  • The Roomba Combo j7+ is the only 2-in-1 with a mop that lifts itself to the top of the robot, completely away from carpet and rugs. 
  • Two fully retracting, durable, metal mop arms raise the mop pad when the robot senses carpet and rugs, preventing unwanted wet messes.
  • The First Truly Hands-Free Vacuum and Mop Robot – The robot senses when a mop pad is attached and the mopping solution tank is full – and then goes into mopping mode automatically. 
  • Other 2-in-1s have a mop that you must manually attach yourself after the vacuuming is done, adding extra work and time. With the Roomba Combo j7+, the mop arm is already attached and ready to go. 
  • For vacuuming, it also comes with the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal system so you can forget about vacuuming for months at a time. 

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