Sep 8 - 2022

It’s Been A Long Time Since Expectations Have Been This High For The Buffalo Bills

About the Episode

The long wait is finally over. Football is back. I always say that the NFL has the longest offseason and the shortest season, so we better enjoy it when it’s here. Week 1 officially kicks off Thursday night when the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams host the defending AFC East champions, the Buffalo Bills. On today’s episode of Ray’s Sports Rant, I host Mario from Hashtag Sports and the Dean Blundell Network to discuss everything about the Buffalo Bills. 

I ask Mario, will the Bills be able to live up to the astronomical expectations that they are carrying around with them this season? How does Buffalo move forward and not let that devastating playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs negatively affect them this season? You can’t win Super Bowls completely depending on your superstars, which under the radar Buffalo player can have an unexpected impact on the Bills this season? The Rams are going to be a big week one challenge for the Bills. Mario gives his insight on what Buffalo has to do to ensure a victory over Los Angeles. 

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