Sep 21 - 2022

Jamie Sale, Theo Fleury & The Downfall Of The Crypto Bro

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Happy TUESDAY, Rockstars!!!

Big day today!

Looks like the piper is calling for anyone who blindly invested in Crypto and Bitcoin. if you invested with the “Crypto King” of Canada, 23-year-old Aiden Pleterski, he’s spent it all before the Crypto crash, and you’re out of luck. Aidens’ story is one of the THOUSANDS where nice (gullible) people decided “too good to be true” was good enough for them only to lose their life savings to a 23-year-old bro from Whitby Ontario who spent it ALL on Mansions, Lambo, Girls, and Watches.

Scotty mac from he Hot Wallet pod stops by to give us his take and we spy BTC and Crypto prices just for you!

Scotty and Loc are in Alberta. Home of Jamie Sale and Theo Fleury. Both former Olympians are DEEP down the rabbit hole of Satanic pedo vaccines monsters and both have come for us over the past few days. We compare their resumes and wonder if they should just move into the woods for the rest of their lives to chase the au natural Jesus Dream.

The Queen has been buried, and we have questions about whether a video and T-shirt related to the Queen are disrespectful or acceptable. Everyone is doing it, and we want to know if the latest offering in our merch store is a bridge too far.

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