Sep 5 - 2019

Jason Barrett: Sports Radio, Rights and Redux

About the Episode

Jason Barrett and I started our post-program director adventures around the same time. He had a strong resume as a Sports radio programmer, having worked at mainstays like the Fanatic in Philly, 590 the Fan in St. Louis and 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. He decided to enter the crowded radio consulting field with a specialization on sports radio, a decision he made after scanning the media landscape and his family situation. Need made a great choice.

Jason has joined me annually in September to talk about the year in Sports, and to look ahead to the NFL season which kicks off this week. It goes without saying that I didn’t get to everything I wanted to talk about with Jason, but even in the world of podcast where there are no limits – we have our limits. A few things to know about this episode:

I did not have time to ask Jason about my favourite blog piece he wrote from last year. It involves the mess the Oakland A’s found themselves in when they had a nasty break up with their media partner. It ended with a tweet. All I can think is – Who does this?

We also had the opportunity to talk about some of the great imaging that makes it to sports station. Justin Dove is a supporter and sponsor of the podcast and Jason spoke of Justin’s ability to capture the moment that WAS and paint a sonic picture of what is to come.

Finally, a shout out to Jeff Schmidt who’s name also came up on the podcast. Jeff is simply the best when it comes to audio and painting that picture using audio. Check out some of the amazing podcasts he has worked on – you have probably already heard his work!

And Jeff has a blog you should follow if you are considering improving your sonic game.

There’s more about this episode on our show page!

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Justin Dove at Core Image Studios



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