Jul 29 - 2022

Jordan Peterson Is A Russian Asset, Jesus And Money, How To Identify A Bot & United People Of Canada” (Fake Trucker Convoy Church)

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome To Thursday FUNDAY!!!

Dean’s been trying to get away from Jordan Peterson/Convoy Conversations, but every time he’s out, they pull him back in.

Jordan put out a 6 minute FUCK TRUDEAU AND FUCK CANADA video with his pals at Canada Proud yesterday. Aside from being almost incomprehensible, it’s clear who’s side Jordan is on. The “Jesus and Money” side.


We break down how to identify a bot! Whenever someone publishes an accountable look at far right, theocratic messaging, like Dean’s “Jordan Peterson is a Russian Asset” post; the bots come out to play. How to identify Bots? It’s easy, and we explain a bulletproof way to prevent the avalanche of alt-right bot takeovers of your content.

Blue Jacket guy, Paul Atkinson joins us from the True Eager Beaver Podcast to talk about the “United People Of Canada” (Fake Trucker Convoy Church) in Ottawa. “TUPOC” is a church started by William Komer and a few Convoy losers associated with Tammy Lich (Including her husband Duane) and the people of #Ottawa have an issue with it because it’s a fucking cult.

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