Jul 6 - 2022

Jordan Peterson Is Unwell, Ryan Got Suspended From Twitter, More Shootings On July 4th & You Won’t Believe How Much Money Corinna Kopf Makes On Only Fans

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Ryan Lindley has been suspended from Twitter! I Repeat, our friend and co-host Ryan Lindley has been suspended from Twitter. And he says he deserved it.

Americans celebrated the freest day of the year, July 4th, by shooting each other in 7 mass shootings spread across the US. The worst of which happened in Highpark Ill and the videos are staggering.

While Americans shoot each other, Canadians are trying to forget the Convoy but can’t get away from it. I swear Dean had a convoy-free show planned until CTV reported former Sask Premier Brad Wall Goodman helped Organize and advise insurrectionists. Pat King lied about his involvement and Tamara Lich’s Bail Breach hearing is today we ask Criminal Defence Lawyer, Rob Kivlichan if this is criminality or government incompetence.

#CorinnaKopf makes `14 million a year on Only Fans and financial educator @Scottrades knows exactly how to hide it. He also wants to talk about Crytpo and so does Dean because no one understands it AND people are losing their SHIRTS. Also, are we in a recession and wtf is a bear market, bro?

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