Sep 16 - 2022

JT Moneybags, Nickelback, and Dinosaurs feat. Jordan Bowman

About the Episode

Its not every day you can wax poetic about hockey, dinosaurs and NICKELBACK, so when you get a chance you do it.

Welcome back to the PP1 Podcast on the Dean Blundell Network partnered with Move Health and Wellness.

We get into the JT Miller signing which apparently was two weeks ago and the feels on that, what it likely means and why we should just chill out.

Tyler Motte signed with the Senators and even though he was many a fans boy, we need to let him go.

J Bowman and Ryan discuss the greatest month, which is October, and get into the great Nickelback, and oh, the most dominant dinosaur.

Its a good one, let me tell you

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