Oct 12 - 2022

Just a Nibble (The Not Quite Daily Beaver) — A Pair of Flip-Flops and a WTF?!! Chaser

About the Episode

[Recording Date: October 12, 2022]

Hey Kits!

It’s another episode of Just a Nibble (The Not Quite Daily Beaver): For those moments when you still want your Beaver-Grizzly goodness, but just don’t have time for a whole bite.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7 Eastern (usually, we got a bit of an earlier start today), we plan to livestream a quick take on the news, in addition to our usual format.

Today we mainly focus on the Hot Mess currently known as Danielle Smith. Seems she’s been borrowing a page from unceremoniously deposed Cray-Cray Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole’s playbook, flip-flopping on two leadership promises she made in order to squeak out a win. And she seems to be aware of it because her first order of business after having done that, was to flood the zone with caaaaa-raaaay-zeeee!

We also rapidly touch upon a major development in the super-greasy Hockey Canada scandal and preview the start of the Public Order Emergency Commission’s public hearings into the circumstances around the federal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to dismantle the Ottawa occupation.

If you were adversely affected by the occupation and would like to get your views on the record for consideration by former Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Rouleau, please go to http://publicorderemergencycommission.ca to get them on the record officially.

It’s a quick nibble, which means it’s purrrr-fect for busy Kits who are on-the-go.

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This is the episode 4 of our Eager Beaver morning show.


Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something.

Because we believe that Democracy Is Something You Do…

Canadians have been donating generously (greater than $16M, so far) to the Red Cross Hurricane Fiona relief for our brother and sisters in Atlantic Canada. The donations will be matched by the federal government until October 23rd), so please do the right neighbourly thing, and give generously.

All you need to do is click this link to get there. [https://donate.redcross.ca/page/114083/do/1


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Your Eager Beaver


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