Nov 1 - 2022

Kyle Dubas Built A Team of Babies, So Sheldon Keefe will lose his job. Pretty Cool, Eh Leafs Fans?

About the Episode

A lot of Leafs fans are expecting Toronto to fire Keefe if the Leafs play poorly against the Philadelphia Flyers Wednesday night. However, I’m on the let’s hold players accountable train right now. Toronto’s biggest stars have been garbage, and instead of holding their feet to the fire, people are calling for Keefe’s head. 

When you have the type of payroll Toronto does, and you have some of the best players on your roster, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck could coach this team. Without knowing anything, I would guess that a lot of the problems are coming from upper management.

A couple of weeks ago, Keefe called out Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews, and Marner’s response led to Keefe walking back his comments. Saturday night Marner was benched for a shift, and he acted like a baby.

Kyle Dubas traded away grit and built a team of babies, and now Sheldon Keefe may lose his job over it. Cool beans. 

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