Oct 6 - 2022

Lee Waddell

About the Episode

For Spear Talk 124, we welcomed legendary stuntman Lee Waddell to the show! Lee performed as ‘Ghostface” in the Scream film franchise where he was a part of the most iconic scenes involving Drew Barrymore, Henry Winkler, and Neve Campbell. He has also provided his talents to such films as The Terminator, Death Warrant, Con Air, Spider Man, Face / Off, Batman Returns, The People Under The Stairs, and Blade! This is part of our Halloween 2022 Guest Series.

In our talk we covered the stories behind his iconic Scream kills as “Ghostface”, working with Wes Craven, one injury he sustained filming with Neve Campbell, the perishable skills in stunt work, stunts involving fire and water, the filming process as it pertains to stunt work in films versus TV, and so much more!

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#leewaddell #scream #ghostface 

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