Nov 18 - 2020

Les Landry (Got Milk?)

About the Episode

Got Milk? Les Landry is an Albertan who has relied on supports from the government to make ends meet due to his disabilities for quite some time. When the UCP Government rolled back indexing of AISH, it presented some very real financial challenges for him as many other AISH recipients. These challenges were exacerbated when the minister of Community and Social Services Rajan Sawhney made the decision to push back AISH payments in order to make it appear that her ministry had managed to come in under budget, a decision that the Auditor General has since condemned as disingenuous, reckless and that place AISH recipients at unnecessary risk. Les has been extremely fortunate though, because through social media, fellow Albertans stepped up to help him bridge the gaps that he experienced, and he’s used his own experience to try and create a grassroots system where he can help connect people in poverty with people who want to help, like those who helped him. We caught up with Les to hear his story and learn more about his initiative.

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