Jun 11 - 2019

Life Coaching is Way More Than Just a Luxury with Rebecca Sparks

About the Episode

Successful people all seem to know the one trick that it takes some years to figure out — we can’t have all the answers ourselves. We need some help, and there is strength in reaching out for the expertise and wisdom of others. Carrie’s guest today just happens to be one of the best in helping people surprise themselves in just how much they have to offer. Rebecca Sparks is a powerhouse Life Transition and Confidence Coach and founder of The Daily Guru, a site dedicated to empower and educate women seeking more from life. She talks about what a life coach does, why it’s way more a core human need than a luxury, and than just a luxury, things we should look for when looking for a Life Coach.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Rebecca’s background of living in the UK and Australia before coming over to the United States. You will also hear how her concentration in International Relations with Media fits perfectly now to her life communicating and traveling all over the world to help her clients and inspire others. How Rebecca came to be a Life Coach, and how excited she was when she found out you can get paid to help people change their lives! How Rebecca created The Daily Guru, and how it completely changed the industry for how consumers and Life Coaches could safely connect and collaborate. The themes that come up in Rebecca’s work with women who are professionals in leadership roles. Why many women (and men) who dedicate their life to their business for decades wake up and realize they need more balance, or even something completely different. That it’s a total game changer when we put our core values as a human even higher than the company or organization we work for. The difference Rebecca sees between men and women in coaching both professionally and personally. How trailblazers such as Tony Robbins and Oprah completely opened up the world to Life Coaching and celebrated it. How Rebecca met her husband, also a Life Coach! The blueprint of leadership qualities that are solely masculine traits, and why we are close to changing these limiting expectations. They key: If you are working with a coach, you must be really ready to change. Really. That even Rebecca herself has two coaches. How you can work with Rebecca on a one-to-one basis, or book her for a speaking engagement or workshop.

Quotes: “I have always embraced the variety of life that travel gives you.” “Coaching is such a fantastic personal development resource to access.” “We live by our beliefs of coaching.” “The more work I do, the more work I see needs to be done in this space.” “Happiness is love and connection. Friends, family, people.”

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