Feb 19 - 2019

Living Completely As Yourself with Marni Panas

About the Episode

Marni Panas is a brilliant educator, community leader, and an example of how sharing your story can impact change for thousands. Today, she shares her story with Carrie as a transgender woman and advocates for the sexual and gender minority community. She has changed laws in Canada and found her way to a strong internal peace that lights the way for others that need it. She and Carrie also discuss her gender reaffirming surgery, her work on the LGBTQ2 Apology Advisory Council, and why it’s crucial to create a safe and supportive space for others to be completely themselves in every facet of their expression.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Marni’s story as a transgender woman, diversity and inclusion professional, active changemaker, and fiance and mother. The difference between sex and gender identity, and Marni’s experience of always knowing she was a female. What Marni’s childhood and teenage years were like, and it shaped her into being a powerful advocate for herself and others. How the loss of one of Marni’s sons taught her about living life to the fullest and treasuring the present moment. Marni’s pride for how compassionate and empathetic her son Alex is, and a glimpse into their loving relationship. The point at which Marni knew she needed to use her voice to share her story and begin her transition. How those in the “business to care” and her faith helped Marni feel safe and supported during her time of transition. The gift we can give others when we are faced with the unknown — to be vulnerable, honest, and present through it all, no matter how difficult. What the process of gender reaffirming surgery was like in Marni’s personal experience, and the peace and happiness she felt upon waking. A celebration of Marni’s engagement to her fiance Kate, and their upcoming wedding plans. Why we must love yourself to fully love anyone else in our life.

Quotes: “Every voice deserves to be heard.” – Carrie “I’ve always been female, despite the expectations that have been put on me.” “When you are real with people, you get real in return.” “The thing I’m most mentally healthy about is being trans.” “After all these years, I finally get to wear the bridal gown I’ve wanted to wear.”


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