Jan 22 - 2024

Lochlin Cross: Rogan VS Canada, Beta Strickland, Dementia Don

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to a BIG Monday.

We start with the opening 5: Corey Perry is skating with the Oilers, and Lochlin has a VERY inappropriate shirt for sale on his merch page as a result. No bueno, but it’s funny.

#JoeRogan is trending in Canada because he hates Justin Trudeau. During this weekend’s UFC 297, even in Toronto, Joe Responded to the “Fuck Trudeau chants with glee. Joe has led the charge in painting Canada as a faux tyrannical dictatorship because he’s never really been to Canada and repeats shit Jordan Peterson tells him when they’re high doing a podcast.

We discuss his comments about Trudeau and why he can’t pronounce Poilievre’s name properly if he’s such a huge fan.

Sean Strickland lost his first title defence at UFC 297 AFTER calling gay people and their allies “an infection.” Dana White calls Sean’s hate speech freedom of speech, but is it? When does a hate-fueled opinion become “Free Speech,” and when does that circle of free speech become hate speech?

We end with some INCREDIBLE new #DementiaDonaldTrump clips. The difference between liquid and solids = CORN.

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