Feb 2 - 2024

Lochlin Cross: Trudeau Vacation Nerds! Elon’s Brain Chips! McRib Returns!!

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

OOOOHHH, We’re back, and so is the McRib!

Loc claims all the credit for going on a two-month blitz to bring back ‘The McRib,’ but who cares? We talk about why it’s back and where to get one!

Edmonton ran out of Water, and Lochlin is pissed but not as pissed as some Conservatives are about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taking a vacation that taxpayers didn’t have to pay for.

We also talked about Pierre Poilievre’s taxpayer-funded vacation and the fact he came back from that secret vacation with a brand-new face.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink company put its first brain chip into the brain of a human being. After thousands of dead monkey trials, Lochlin and I discuss how near death we’d have to be to sign up to put anything Elon makes in your brain.

The monkey trial details are No Bueno, by the way…

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