Jan 24 - 2024

Lochlin Cross: : Welcome Leaf Guy 403 to Crier Media & Hockey Canada Assault BOMBSHELL

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to Wednesday!

Major announcement out of the gate! Lochlin Cross is getting thinner, and we have just signed first-line center “Kurtis From Alberta” to be our pre-game, post-game, and between-period live streams for the remainder of the NHL season!

Kurtis is a pure Leafs fan who turned his basement into a million-dollar shrine to the Maple Leafs. He does content for Bodog, crushes pints out of his Maple Leafs Beer vending machine, and will fly anywhere, anytime, by himself to Leaf games to meet other Leaf fans.

Kurtis lives in Medicine Hat, AB, and touches Leaf fans around the world, including Mexican Leaf fans looking for husbands. He’s the most authentic person you’ll ever meet. He loves everyone, including the haters, and this interview was HILARIOUS because Kurtis is just Kurtis.

A BOMBSHELL story broke this morning in regards to Hockey Canada’s cover-up of a rape that occurred after the 2019 WJHC. 5 former players from that team are being asked to surrender to rape and sexual assault charges stemming from the incident. A woman, “E.M.,” was paid off in 2022 to make the rape allegations go away. Now London Ontario police are doing what they should have done six years ago – they are charging the five players with rape after opening up the file again. A few players have left their respective teams (NHL, Europe), and Hockey culture is about to get punched in the face.

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