Jun 28 - 2022

Lorenzo Insigne arrives. Who’s next for TFC?

About the Episode


It’s not official until there’s a press conference. Toronto FC unveiled the most expensive signing in Major League Soccer history on Monday, and the prospect of more big impact arrivals at TFC this summer left James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Jimmy Brennan and Brendan Dunlop with a lot to talk about. Sharms sends Craig and Jimmy down Story Time Road about pre-transfer physicals, as Arsenal completes the signing of Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City. And Jimmy is super jealous that Craig is taking Wonger out golfing, but didn’t invite his old CanMNT teammate.     Presenters: James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Jimmy Brennan, Brendan Dunlop and Dan Wong

Voice Over Talent- Jeff Cole

This podcast has content that may use words and share tales that offend, please feel free to use your best discretion.  Parental discretion is advised.

Be advised this episode includes explicit language.

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