Jul 19 - 2023

Lorraine Sommerfeld: Freelance Writer, Author, Auto Columnist at Postmedia.

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Lorraine is a freelance writer from Postmedia where she writes an automotive column, and for the venerable Hamilton Spectator where she has penned over 800 columns of “Motherlode”; described as an often humorous, sometimes poignant look at a crazy household with two kids, two cats and one bewildered mother.

In this episode, she discusses the difference between writing a column and writing a book, her love of the Finger Lakes area in upstate New York, the problem with politics in 2023 as politicians refuse to work together, and she goes into detail on a pivotal moment in her life: A Bi-Polar diagnosis.

Lorraine Sommerfeld is the author of the new book “A Face in the Window” and a freelance columnist.She joins Charles today to discuss becoming an author and how it different than writing about columns.

You can get Lorraine’s new book on Amazon or through the website.

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