Oct 24 - 2021

Lyle Blackburn & Josh W

About the Episode

For Spear Talk 77, we welcomed author, musician, and monster hunter, Lyle Blackburn and our good friend Josh W, to the show! Josh is an avid lover of all things cryptozoology as well as the co-host of the podcast Tap, Rack, and Cryptid which is part of the Spear Talk family! Lyle is the author of incredible books such as “The Beast of Boggy Creek” and ‘Sinister Swamps: Monsters and Mysteries from the Mire”, as well as the singer of the band Ghoultown. He has been on various shows on Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Travel, and on Shudder with the iconic Joe Bob Briggs (The Last Drive-In)!

In our discussion we covered the fascination of monsters and how each one is steeped in history and lore, writing a song for Elvira, the importance of research and note taking, woirking with organizations such as the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, and how he got his trademark black cowboy hat!

#lyleblackburn #bigfoot #ghoultown

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