Nov 13 - 2018

Mandatory Mandy James

About the Episode

Mandy James is the morning show host with Pat PT Thomas and Mike Dubs on Entercom’s Buz’n @ 102.9 in Minneapolis. I’ve gotten to know Mandy over the last few years at the Conclave Summer Learning Conference. I watched as she bravely networked her way through the room in 2017, eventually giving me a gift bag complete with a Conclave survival kit which include a small bottle of something flavourful when 5pm kicked in. She also asked hard questions to industry leaders that needed answering as it pertains to what companies are doing about advancing females in the radio business. Coincidentally, Cox Media unveiled a corporate strategy to address that while we were recording the podcast.

In this episode, we talked about he path from listening to WLOL 99-and-a-half as a child led to stints in Iowa, Wisconsin, Rockford, Illinois and now she’s back in the Twin Cities. A lot of what we spoke about stems from our passion in attending the Conclave, so you will hear it come up more than once. Finally, how does she find the bravery to ask hard questions?

Mandy was featured in two blogposts stemming from her question at Conclave 42. The original here.

And a follow up here.

There’s more about this episode on our show page!

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