Oct 5 - 2022

Michelle Rempel Garner Called Dean A Misogynist, Aaron Judge Hits 62 But Barry Bonds Is Still The King

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Wednesdays are my day! Middle of the week means a backlogue of content:

– CPC member Michelle Rempel Garner chose to take a minute during a televised speech to tell the Canadians she’s had enough of people deciding to keep an eye out for social and racial injustice! She’s had enough of your woke shit, causing the bread price to skyrocket!!!!

– Dean mentioned her hair on Twitter, so now he’s misogynist. We break it down and discuss why he felt the need to comment on her hair and Michelle’s admission that she was gaslighting a nation. Again.

– Ray Rauth from Who’s Got Next pod joins us to talk about Aaron Judge’s HR record not being the home run record, AND do the jays stand a chance in the playoffs with Houston in the ALDS if they get past Seattle? Dean says yes. Ray says Dean’s an idiot.

– Why is everyone making fun of Radio now? It’s a viral thing and even Selena Gomez is in on it!

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