Jun 23 - 2020

Mistress Carrie: Now Unfiltered and Uncensored

About the Episode

Mistress Carrie spent 22 years on air and a handful more working in promotions at WAAF. She spent most of her life before that listening and loving the station. She figured one day it would all end with her “moving on” as many in the business do. But what she and many did not expect was for its parent company to sell the frequency to K-Love for ten million dollars; something that also happened to the Sound in Los Angeles. On February 20, WAAF ceased to exist, leaving Boston without the Active Rock station that gave birth to bands like Godsmack, and built hits like Shinedown’s cover of Simple Man. (If you think we are making this up, the clip is in the podcast)

In this episode, we cover Carrie’s early days at the station and how WAAF went from being a Worcester station to a Boston mainstay. Some of it had to do with people migrating to the suburbs, but it doesn’t hurt that the station built relationships with artists, sports figures and actors. We discussed the loss of the station and how it has left a hole in the heart of her and the WAAF listeners. (Subtle Boston music reference in there….)

For now, you can find Mistress Carrie on her new podcast which you should subscribe to immediately. You can expect participation from many of the people who have her cell number like David Draiman from Disturbed, Godsmack, Shinedown, Cory Taylor from Slipknot, Adam Gonthier from Three Days Grace and many others.

Fearless prediction: Her podcast is on Simplecast which was just purchased from Pandora/Sirius XM – there’s room for her up there, isn’t there?

There’s more about this episode on our show page!

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