Oct 25 - 2022

Molly Hurford – Writer, Podcaster and Athlete

About the Episode

Molly Hurford is a writer in love with all things cycling, running, nutrition and movement-related. When not outside, she’s writing about being outside and healthy habits of athletes.

She created The Consummate Athlete weekly podcast, website and book, Becoming A Consummate Athlete with her husband, cycling coach Peter Glassford. 

Molly is a little obsessed with getting people—especially women—psyched on adventure and being outside. That’s why she created the Shred Girls, a young adult fiction series and online community focused on getting girls excited about bikes.

Additionally, she’s the author of multiple nonfiction books and writes regularly for publications including Bicycling magazine +Outside.

She regularly hosts talks and runs clinics for cyclists and teaches yoga online and IRL… And in her spare time, the former Ironman triathlete and cyclist now spends time racing ultra-runs on trails or can be found out hiking with her mini-dachshund DW.

Check out The Consummate Athlete website.

Find out more on Shred Girls.

Molly’s Instagram.

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