Mar 18 - 2024

Muse Massage Mondays

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to your Monday! It’s Muse Massage Spa Monday!

– Riley/Emily from Muse on Digital Sugar Daddy business and the world of Online Fin Dominatrix’s

– Demystifying the therapeutic need for sex work and the “Girlfriend Experience”

TORONTO MEN AND WOMEN!!! The Ladies from have a special offer: $50 off your first visit. They want to put you at ease and secure if you would love to try their therapeutic services.

DM Riley or Emily Here, and they WILL get back to you!

We got into the comeback of the year after the ladies split.

Measles is a thing again, and we wanted to address all the vaccine hesitancy today. We don’t care. Do you. with Maasles. Mumps. Rubella. Polio. Roll the hillbilly immunity dice and enjoy shingles too. I mean, Lochlin nailed it. Why bother advocating for someone else when they don’t care? Take up painting or use an RV to hit every significant KOA in Canada. You do you with Measles.

We will take a minute to pay tribute to The Lockeroom and welcome new Lockeroom partner Ardent Roofing Systems. Edmonton’s premier roofing company left Radio with Lochlin and decided to rely on a digital partner after Lochlin got fired.

Get ready, Radio. We’re coming for all the radio money.


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