Jun 7 - 2022

Nails Mahoney: On Air Coach

About the Episode

The show has been very Canada-centric for the last few weeks, so it felt like there was no better time to bring on a broadcast legend from another part of the world. This week’s guest, Nails Mahoney, has been hosting top-rated radio shows in Ireland and the UK for decades. He’s also worked as a TV presenter in Ireland, and performed onstage as a stand-up comedian and keynote/guest speaker at more than 30 workshops like TEDx Dublin. But don’t drift away yet, our Canadian audience! Nails has also spent time in Canadian radio, including several years at Q107.

On this episode, we talk about his path through radio, and some of the differences between Irish/UK radio and the scene in Canada. For example, did you know that the rock and grunge movement of the 90’s never really made it over to Ireland? We also talk about Nails’ current projects and future plans, including ONAIRCOACH, his private coaching service for on-air personalities. Nails shares a lot of insight about how he coaches different types of talent and why he felt the need to start the service in the first place.

Later in the show, we touch on two of his biggest and most recent endeavours:

The 5th annual RadioStar contest, a tournament between up-and-coming broadcasters to bring some notoriety to their name, and The Radio Space, a social media site designed specifically for people in the broadcast industry to mix and mingle. If you’re in radio and sick of using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (and all the unrelated crud that comes with those sites), this is the place to be. As their website says, “Think Facebook but ONLY for radio! No Algorithm. No ads. YOU are in charge of what you see.”

With that being said, if you’re not in the radio industry, you should still follow Nails on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have any radio coaching questions, he’ll be happy to help you out.

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