Jul 22 - 2022

Nascar Pinty’s Series/Golf Meltdowns/ Sponsoring A Race Team With Colin Livingstone, Pizza Delivery Hero & United People Of Canada Embassy Buys A Church

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re taking a knee from Schadenfreude content to talk to Colin Livingstone from CanTorque racing.

Colins spend a lot of time being race car/Kart drivers in the #Nascar Pinty’s series. After a long COVID layoff, the Pinty’s series returns to action.

We talked to Colin about sponsoring a race team and living out a dream well into your 40s as well as what possesses a man to break ALL of his golf clubs.

A 25-year-old pizza delivery man was caught on police cam saving an entire family from a burning building, and Dean wants to know if he did it for the gram or because he’s a hero.

The United People Of Canada Embassy (Church of the #FluTruxKlan) is under serious scrutiny after spending 6 million on a 200-year-old church. Dean and Loc investigate

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