May 12 - 2017

Pat Holiday’s Great Case for Radio

About the Episode

Pat Holiday has spent 9 years away from work inside a physical radi station. In that time he has seen that its issues remain the same and there is both good and bad in that. He moderated the Broadcast Leadership panel “Like a Boss” at Canadian Music Week and did not serve up any softballs, but he did admit to leaving a few fast balls on the table. From his iconic beginnings at the Big 8 at CKLW in Detroit, to working in three Canadian cities in management, Pat has a knack for taking a market’s temperature and reflecting it in the radio station he champions. He readily admits that radio has changed but things are not as bad as they seem, and radio is perhaps fixing the product at the wrong end.

Update 2021: Pat has started a Program Director’s course. Subscribe to it here on Youtube! It is really good.

My thanks to Karen Steele at Virgin Radio in Kitchener for the show idea. Other notable credits include Matt Abra from Red River College who edited the episode, and Lauren Siddall who heads up the Social Media and Digital side of things here at the podcast. If you enjoy this episode, please take a moment to rate and review it.

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