Sep 2 - 2021

Patrick Kilpatrick

About the Episode

For Spear Talk 67, we had the honor to spend time with actor, Patrick Kilpatrick! You will recogize Patrick from his various roles in movies and television: ” The Sandman” in Death Warrant, “Knott” in Minority Report, “Mr. Bryles” in Class of 1999, and various appearances on hit shows such as CSI, NCIS: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Dark Angel! Patrick also has his new book out called, “Dying For A Living: Volume 1 – Upbringing” which is fascinating and thought-provoking look into the start of his career!

In our discussion, we talked about which characters have resonated the most with him through his career, how his portrayal of “The Sandman” in the action classic Death Warrant scared me growing up, the art of playing a “bad guy”, the tactical training that comes with portaying certain characters, and his time as foreiegn correspondent in Columbia and Venezula from 1978 -1980. This was an engaging talk!

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