Oct 14 - 2020

Paul Mercs – Paul Mercs Concerts

Do Did Will

About the Episode

Paul Mercs is a staple in the Canadian Music Industry and beyond, working over the years with the likes of David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Heart, Brian Wison and so many others! 

Paul is a mentor of mine;  has been a Manager, Publicist, Promoter and so much more! 

We chat about:

  • The current state of the music industry?
  • How he got his start and how his first show at the famous Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver came about?
  • His prodest moments of his career so far including doing the first show at Empire Stadium in Vancouver after Beatles and Elvis, The first Fleetwood Mac show outside of California and his time with Expo 86′.
  • A few of his “Oops” moments
  • What’s next for him and life living in beautiful Lund, BC



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