Jun 15 - 2022

Police Wellness 101 With Scott Medlin

About the Episode

Scott Medlin helps police officers and other first responders achieve wellness and security by providing practical and inspirational training, so they can be fulfilled and excel. 

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with law enforcement and also: 

🚨Police Recruit Academies 

🚨Police and First Responder Training

 🚨Conferences/Seminars 🚨Government Training Programs 

🚨Podcasts and YouTube Channels 🚨News Channels 

🚨Community Outreach Programs 

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with L.E.O. Motivation LLC and have Scott Medlin as a speaker/trainer, you get the most efficient, effective and affordable training that police officers are looking for right now. 

🔥WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: To speaking at police conferences to training police recruits, I have professional experience of serving for more than a decade in law enforcement and I served in the United States Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I also have personal experience battling PTSI, Depression, and an addiction. 

🔥 I bring powerful training based on hardships, mistakes, and solid research done on how the mind reacts to trauma and what police officers can do to cope in healthy ways. I do not believe in death by PowerPoint slides. 

💥💥I am a Certified Speaker through Eric Thomas and Associates, and because of my training, officers will learn to: 

🚔1. Acknowledge and counteract the “warrior socialization” of police officers. You’re not a tough person – you’re a person. 

🚔2. Realize the truth about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how to overcome it. 

🚔3. Uncover the secret system of your mind that can make or break your mental health as a police officer. 

🚔4. Unravel and address the numerous and often surprising contributors to on-the-job stress. 

🚔5. Introduce habits and strategies for developing the strongest defense against the traumas and other stressors involved with policing. READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn, email me at [email protected], or visit online at https://thescottmedlin.com

You can also view content from me at The 10 Code Mindset YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/3rwj4IJ)

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