Oct 21 - 2022

Policing Mental Health & The Psychology Of The Use Of Force With Mark Bouchard

About the Episode

Kwesi Millington welcomes Mark Bouchard to the program. They discuss policing mental health and the psychology of the use of force.

Policing Mental Health & the Psychology of Use of Force with Mark Bouchard

Mark Bouchard is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is assigned to the Williams Lake detachment in British Columbia. He also has a position on the Emergency Response Team, which is the SWAT team in Canada.

Mark also has a specialty profile as a medic on the team. Prior to joining the RCMP, Mark worked for the Delta Police Department for 14 years, which is a suburb of Vancouver.

Mark has a passion for mental health in policing, which is based on his experience as a cop and his education. He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2015 and was unable to work due to a psychological injury. Mark was able to heal from that injury and then began helping other officers as a peer support member and Road to Mental Readiness instructor.

This year Mark has completed a Master’s Degree in leadership from Royal Roads University, with a focus on police culture and police officer mental health. He has also spent the past 3 years writing a book about policing and mental health based on his experiences.

Stay in touch with Mark at http://www.markbouchard.ca

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