Sep 15 - 2022

Premier League All-Star Games, King Charles & attending Russian state funerals

About the Episode

James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Brendan Dunlop and producer Dan Wong react to new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly’s very American Premier League All-Star Game idea. Dunny is not a fan at all, and revealed a deep lying distaste for the mega rich. There’s more monarchy talk about King Charles III’s accession, and how impossible a job it must be to follow his beloved mother, after 70 years on the throne. Craig tells some incredible stories about being amongst the first soccer teams from this side of the iron curtain to play in the old Soviet Union, barnstorming around Russia and Ukraine with his old Ipswich Town teammate Sergei Baltacha in the late 1980’s. Talk of the preservation of Vladimir Lenin’s embalmed body, naturally led to talk of Aaron Lennon. Jimmy Brennan joins us for ten minutes from his son’s competitive tryout to join the crew in complaining about Todd’s ASG idea. And JC The Voice Vendor delivers another killer opening that will leave you in stitches. 

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Presenters: James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Brendan Dunlop, Jimmy Brennan and Dan Wong

Voice Over Talent: Jeff Cole

This podcast has content that may use words and share tales that offend, please feel free to use your best discretion. Parental discretion is advised. 

Be advised this episode includes explicit language.

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