Jan 23 - 2024

Rachel Notley

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Fresh off of stepping down as the Alberta NDP leader, former Premier Rachel Notley chose to speak to the legendary Charles Adler.

Rachel and Charles dish on the rule of law in politics and how “both sides” things don’t work in a functional government. Rachel tells a story about what the rule of law meant in the legislature 20 years ago and how it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Lying in politics? If everyone lies, how does Rachel see that as a strategy for serving the public? Pro Tip: She doesn’t and talks about the growing strategy of lying in chambers to obfuscate intention.

Rachel is from political royalty in Alberta; her father, a disciple of Tommy Douglas, died in a plane crash in 1984. She relives that defining day and the legacy her father and Tommy Douglas left for so many socially minded Westerners who were able to lead social governments to major victories in the conservative West and what that means for Canada today.

Have we seen the last of Rachel Notley, the politician?? Not so fast…

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