Oct 26 - 2022

Racist Bridesmaid Speech, Halloween Adults & Dirt Guy

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Hello, WEDNESDAY!!! You dirty little bastard!

We’re back, and with a pandemic-less Halloween around the corner, we’re talking troll costumes. That’s right. The internet’s favorite pastime is now a costume, and that’s a good thing. We roll over some of our favorites,, and Dean shows his extreme disdain for Halloweieners who dress up past 40. For any fucking reason.

We had another Bear attack. We look at the different techniques: Scream like a bitch OR stand your ground (Scream).

Weddings suck ass. Weddings with racist bridesmaid speeches however, do NOT. This is really the only reason I’ll ever go to a wedding again: Awkward speeches from drunk chicks/dudes.

We make the case for not bathing: A dude who didn’t shower for 65 years died at 94 – after taking a shower. Dirt works!!

And WE MAY talk about Primer Danielle “Qanon” Smith. Up to Lochlin.

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