Jun 4 - 2019

Really Listen To What Your Body Is Saying with Laura Krosky

About the Episode

Today on the Inner Circle, it’s a powerful and vulnerable conversation that centers around listening to your body and what it’s telling you. We often allow pain to become our new normal, or spend time searching for answers and trying just to push through another day while going into our “power mode”. Laura Krosky joins Carrie to openly and honestly share her story on illness from breast implants. She talks about why she decided to get them, how they made her very sick for years and how she discovered thousands of women had a story just like hers. Laura also opens up on getting them out, and what it is like to readjust and fully accept a natural body.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Laura’s story of being raised in a conservative Christian family, and how that played a role upon her body image and self-confidence as a female. Her love of coaching, holding space for others and showing them the path to accomplish their own dreams. More about Laura’s time working at Zappo’s, and what she loved so much about the job. That Laura was someone in touch with her own body and fitness, which is why not feeling well or in shape was so distant and unexpected for her. The thoughts behind Laura’s decision to get breast implants, and why her body would create a capsule around them and begin to fight them as a foreign object. That Laura felt good for about 2 – 2.5 years until she didn’t. She explains her debilitating symptoms of joint pain, bloating, exhaustion and much more. How her masseuse was the one to plant the seed that her implants may be causing the illness, and why that thought originally felt like a failure to her. Laura’s discovery of thousands of other women that also shared her story, and why it helped her to know she wasn’t alone. That there are great doctors who can help with empathy, knowledge, and compassion. The process of getting an explant, and the life-changing ways it turned her life back around. How awesome her soulmate husband is, and how he showed her support and love for who she is on the inside and the outside. How she feels in her natural body and the adjustments she has made in life moving forward with no implants.

Quotes: “How can I teach a workshop on vulnerability and not stand up and be vulnerable?” “The thought of not being able to control myself felt like a failure for me.” “I started to see the women’s story after story, and I felt like they were all my story.” “There was so much gratitude that happened, now I was back to myself.”

Mentioned: Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole Journey Into the Inner Circle: Carrie Doll @CarrieADoll – Twitter @carriedollconsulting – Instagram Carrie Doll – Facebook

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