Mar 7 - 2024

Rhea Johnston’s Hair-apy Session

About the Episode

Rhea Johnston’s job involves listening to peoples inner most thoughts. There’s something intimate and disarming, for many, about sitting in the hair stylist’s chair. To the point that you almost don’t notice anyone to the right or to the left, and sometimes you completely open up (same as getting tattooed).

After a couple years of monthly sits in Rhea’s salon chair, we decided to bring the ‘hair-apy’ session to the Blue Hotel, as Rhea’s debut includes a deep dive into the wonderful world (or shit-show) of dating and dating apps. Which leads us to how to best go about it, what to ask, what to tell, how much, and how soon, deal-breakers, alignment, and more. PLUS, Rhea tells a really great story about rejection. Oh, and somehow we get into porn preferences. Because why not.

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