Oct 27 - 2022

Seeing Double on Youth Homelessness

On The Way Home

About the Episode


This week we are joined by guests Dr. Naomi Thulien and Mardi Daley.

Naomi is a nurse practitioner and researcher working to eliminate the cycle of youth homelessness. In

2021, Naomi and her husband opened the Breakwater Foundation, a non-profit organization providing

education, rent subsidies and healthcare to young women experiencing homelessness.

Mardi is a Toronto-based advisor, facilitator, and certified Peer Specialist supporting youth experiencing

homelessness and mental health issues. Working through lived experiences, Mardi takes a community-

based approach to support by-youth-for-youth resources, training, inclusion and engagement.

Join Michael, Naomi and Mardi this week to discuss their presentation at CAEH’s National Conference on

Ending Homelessness and the Transitioning out of Youth Homelessness clinical trial.

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