Sep 1 - 2022

Self Defence With Randy King, Donald Trump Is F*cked & Sex In Public Places

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

It’s Wednesday, and with the rise in violent attacks stemming from this left VS right culture war, we’re talking to Randy King a self-defense and de-escalation expert.

Rules of self-defense?

How to de-escalate before kicking someone’s ass?

How to calm “Fight Or Flight” before having your ass kicked or kicking someone else’s ass

Self-defense courses for women and men who can’t kick ass.

Donald Trump is going to fucking JAIL. The DOJ filed a 33-page court document that proves Trump AND HIS LAWYERS lied about keeping over 300 stolen Top Secret/confidential records about human assets and spy satellites. The #TRUMPMELTDOWN is on because he’s guilty AF.

He was gonna sell that shit to the highest bigger (espionage) or use these files as leverage against the country he was the President of. Let that sink in.

Here in Canada, Skinny Trump, Pierre Poilievere is using kids in his propaganda videos. it looks like he held one of them hostage at a rally last night to talk about freedom and inflation issues. The problem? The kids look scared and Canada has the lowest inflation rates of any country in the world and ranks top three on every freedom index. Tough break for PP.

The rise in “CHICK FIGHT” videos has been AWESOME! Especially in the 500 section at Blue Jays Games.

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