Jul 15 - 2022

Shmozel, DQ, Bedard, and Lovin Lazar feat. Sean Warren

About the Episode

Its not every day you get Sean Warren, the man running the entire Area 51 network, on your show. We were able to chat with Sean for a bit about the upcoming Memorial Cup in Kamloops and the idea of Connor Bedard getting moved in his draft year to the Blazers. We get into the first few days of NHL free agency and how the Canucks sorted through the mess.

Things got a little crazy when Dairy Queen treats were brought up and the power of persuasion took over and Sean showed up with a blizzard treat.

We also chat about the amazing journey Lorne Gardner is on with his 100 day challenge and we reflect on how great it is to see someone taking charge of their life. Way to go Lorne!

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