Jul 9 - 2020

Sodastream, Stanley’s Game Seven, and Skating With Stecher feat. Rich Abney

About the Episode

If you don’t know Rich Abney, you’re about to. He was a BCIT grad, CKPG Sports Anchor and is currently UNBC’s Sports Information Officer. 

A friend from the guy’s Jersey City days, Rich has stories for days and will definitely be a returning guest. Ryan’s amazing research unearths Rich’s feats which involve being in the Hockey Hall of Fame’s 3D film “Stanley’s Game Seven”, you need to see it. We also chatted about nicknames, Ryan’s celebrity encounter with The Game, and the kicker viral video that has millions of views online. 

For the football fans, we discuss Tom Brady going to the Bucs and Cam Newton heading to Rich’s Patriots. 

Dudes and Guys had a twist this week. Always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. This week the battle is between: Pat Quinn and Alain Vigneault. Tough one.

Rich also drops a great Upper Deck story about a local goalie up north and is just one more reason you need to support UD and their products.

After the warm fuzzy, the guys chat about the NHL coming back next week, the new CBA and if this is still gonna happen.

Make sure to message PP1 and Players Choice with the secret word to get entered into draw to win a draft spot in the Upper Deck Stature break next week.

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