Sep 6 - 2022

Solar Flare Special Part 1 – Weekly Roundup

About the Episode

4.39 – The Breakdown – Special Solar Flare Special Edition! (Part 1) Our weekly live episode this week had more technical challenges than any episode in recent memory, and required more than a little bit of editing to make presentable, so we’re splitting it into two parts! In Part one, we present our regular weekly round up of some of the biggest stories of the week, including Alberta Day, the UCP Leadership debate, the state of COVID in Alberta, the opiate crisis, convoy feedback with Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean and more! In Part two, we continue our live show with a conversation with LGBTQS2+ advocate Anna Murphy. On Friday September 2, Brian Jean sent out a fundraising email leveraging his position that here should be two categories in sport: One for biological men, and one for biological women, and Anna has a very clear and strong response for Mr. Jean.

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