Mar 21 - 2024

Steve Stratton

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

For episode 164, we welcomed Steve Stratton to the show! Steve started his military career at the White House Communications Agency supporting the needs of President’s Ford and Carter, Vice President’s Rockefeller and Mondale and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. His work took him around the world introducing him to new cultures, ways of thinking, and the various agencies tasked with projecting and protecting American interests abroad. The jump to the US Secret Service was an easy transition but after several years and an election campaign, Steve left for the commercial sector.

Steve was awarded his Green Beret in 1986. From the 80’s through 2000 he deployed with 20th Special Forces on counter-drug and training missions in the SOUTHCOM region. His civilian contractor time includes support for USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, and several intelligence agencies. Today he is retired but advising cyber security companies that support the warfighter and intelligence community. When he is not writing, you can find him mountain biking, trout fishing, or hunting in Colorado.

His first novel, Shadow Tier, was named a 2023 Bronze Medal winner by the Military Writers Society of America. This book was a part of the Spear Talk book club! 

In our discussion we covered what it was like working in the White House with the United States Secret Service, how traveling the world for work shaped his views and appreciation for various cultures, time as a Green Beret, his Shadow Tier series and why the character of “Lance Bear Wolf” is necessary, and so much more! 

#thriller #greenberet #whitehouse 

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